Friday, May 29, 2020

Honeybee Swarm and Colony Removal

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If you are reading this ad, then you probably have honeybees that you want removed whether it be a swarm on a branch or a colony in a wall or some other place that they do not need to be. I am a local beekeeper and I can successfully and safely remove the bees and place them in one of my bee yards where they can live in peace and have lots of forage available to them. I am able to service the area of Smith, Trousdale, Macon, DeKalb, Wilson, Jackson, and Clay Counties. Exceptions may apply to certain situations that are OUTSIDE of this area, so feel free to give me a shout! You may even be able to get some fresh honey out of the deal too! Again, I do not charge for this service as it is something that I enjoy doing on the side and sharing with others. Keep your eyes peeled for bees and thanks for any consideration.
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