Friday, August 14, 2020

Middle Age Men

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It is a known fact that many men between the age of 45-60 deal with boredom. In fact some call it "mid-life crisis."


Boredom is dullness caused by repetition.


During this age span- some men believe their best days are behind them, so through feeble efforts they desire to reclaim a feeling, thrill or excitement of the past.


At this age-many men’s careers are set, families are raised, some dreams fulfilled and other dreams forsaken because time has run out. Their relationship with the bride of their youth has grown routine and they are overlooked for opportunities because a younger man has more future.


Boredom is a man’s enemy - so recognize it as such and take precautions.


Buy a red convertible, like I did, and take the beautiful bride of your youth on long rides and enjoy companionship with the woman who knows you and yet still loves you.


Find a new hobby, dream a new dream, accept a new challenge-don’t allow repetition to weary you to dullness.


Ps. 91:16- "with long life, I will satisfy him..." Getting older doesn’t mean an absence of something or enjoying less-it provides opportunity to be satisfied more.


Whatever you do to fight boredom -  choose never to surrender your values to a fleeting euphoria that once passed leaves brokenness in it’s wake.


Life can be good and it can get better everyday!!!