Sunday, May 19, 2019



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1 The Parents Who Drugged Us Administrator
2 Lessons Learned Administrator
3 Why They Don't Sing in Church Anymore Administrator
4 Are You Curious? Administrator
5 The Old Dented Bucket Administrator
6 Six Important Forms of Intimacy Administrator
7 Middle Age Men Administrator
8 A Personal & Public Rant Administrator
9 Sharks in America's Pool Administrator
10 Enlightened Perspectives Administrator
11 Lexophiles Administrator
12 The Four Candles Administrator
13 Pray If You Want To Administrator
14 What I Believe Administrator
15 Life in a Pickle Jar Administrator
16 Billy Graham's Message to America Administrator
17 Sowing Seed Administrator
18 The Atheist Dentist Administrator
19 Advice From an Old Farmer Administrator
20 I Hate Religion, But I Love Jesus Administrator

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